Salesmanly Yours

One day, Eric, a top salesman for an appliance company is contemplating on resigning because the store where he works is having a hard time attracting clients because of the newly built department store in town.

He thinks that it is better to try other fields related to selling so he decided to apply in a Real Estate Development Company to work as a Property Consultant.

Being good at selling. He is very confident that he will again succeed in his new job.  “I can do this, this is very easy, its like a walk in the park!”

After undergoing training, he manages to sell a couple of units in his first month.  He was very happy because he gets a lot of Advance Commission from his sale and often treats his family out.

But problem arose, the next month.  He got a lot of angry calls from his clients because of late payment penalties and incomplete documents.  One client says “why didn’t you told me to issue all the checks that I need to give to you on the time of reservation?  You should pay the late penalty, not me!”  The other one says “Why didn’t you tell me all the requirements that I need to submit before making the reservation?  The problem is that the marriage certificate that you are requiring is in abroad and now im here in the Philippines, how can I get it?!”

Sometimes we need to be very careful and treat our clients with love and care.  Thinking of selling and not thinking about the welfare of our clients would have dire circumstances.  Always explain all the client needs to know about the property purchase like documentations and payment terms to avoid problems in the future.

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