Qualify your prospects properly

Listening to the clients is the key

Not all clients who inquire can really buy a property.  Some of them appears to be so interested by saying “ Im Very much interested in the property you are selling”  or  “If I pay in Cash, how much would be my discount?”

Be careful, always try to interview your clients before inviting them for a site visit.  In this way, you would really know how interested your client really is.

Some of them may be only canvassing, the others look for houses for their friends or relatives abroad but they are not necessarily the one who decides while some may be agents disguising themselves as buyers to get more details about the property you are selling.

You may know their true motive by asking probing questions like:

  1. Are you inquiring a property for yourself or a friend?
  2. How much are you willing to shell out for the Downpayment?
  3. How soon would you like to transfer to your new home?

In selling property, our mindset should always be positive, but it also helps for us to be careful in guarding our time, secrets and also our hearts in dealing with various client inquiries by using probing questions to them.

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