Excitement is the Key

Mr Alano is an inhouse agent selling condominiums, he is actually good at it and makes a minimum sale of 3 units per month.  Unfortunately. The project got sold out.

The following month, we was assigned to sell a house and lot project.  He was hesitant at first but he has got no choice.  “I feel that condos are easy to sell since their prices are low and offers flexible payment terms as compared to House and Lots.

Two months came and unfortunately, Mr Alano never made any sale on any Houses that they offer.  Even the low priced townhouse units cannot be negotiated by him.

On the third month, he was terminated from work because he cannot manage to pull a sale.  He applied for another company to work not in the Philippines, but in abroad because he believes he can strike gold there.


You will sell a lot of whatever you are selling, the key is you should be FIRST EXCITED about the product before offering it to clients.  Excitement is like an electricity that could flow from you to your client.  It will show in your facial expressions, body language and the manner you speak that you are really sold out to the product.  It is conducive and can translate into Millions of Pesos Sales per month!

The tip is to write down all the good points of your products, be excited in each one of them and internalize as if you are absorbing all the positive energy.  The go to your client and do a powerful presentation!

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