Discuss all the payment terms of the sale

Have you encountered a site tripping when an agent or broker presents a property and gives the price without revealing the closing fees and the other terms of payment because they only give out the basic computation printed in advance?  When the client asks for a more detailed computation, the agent tells them that they would just email it to them when they got home.

Selling is not only matching the needs of the client to s specific property but also closing the sale by explaining all the payment terms and miscellaneous fees the client need to settle to own the property.

You may achieve the wow factor in presenting a very beautiful property and getting the client to be excited in it but if you didn’t discuss all the payment term, the client may end up guessing if thay could really afford the property and when they reach home, the excitement you built up for them may be gone.

The site visit is the only time to present ALL the payment details to the client.  Do not be afraid of discussing the numbers with them.  By doing so, you may end up closing the deal just in one sitting!

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